Reconnect With Yourself

July 12, 2018


The ‘Mum Life’ got you busy? Juggling family, home and work… staying on the corporate ladder or running your business, keeping the kids fed, clothed, entertained and alive in general, making sure your home doesn’t look and feel like a pig sty, being all things to everyone…. Feel like you’ve lost who you are? Life these days is crazy busy!

When was the last time you connected with yourself? Make some ‘you time’ and get reacquainted with the girl you know you are.

That’s what Kobe Brook, Health Coach extraordinaire, Business Owner and Mum of three gorgeous kids – did when she got in front of my camera recently. We pampered her with hair and makeup that was done by a professional Stylist and then photographed her in several different outfits that reflect her personality! What a fun morning!!

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